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Enhancing Skill Sets

Behaviorbee uses a scientific approach to identify the underlying cause of problematic behaviors. This approach provides a strong foundation for the development of interventions designed to reduce the behaviors of concern. The strategies focus on developing effective replacement behaviors, increasing functional communication, and facilitating appropriate engagement with the environment. Parents, caregivers, and staff are involved throughout the process, ensuring the entire team is working toward the same goal.

Because all behavior is a form of communication, Behaviorbee creates a plan to identify what the client is communicating. With this understanding, Functional Communication Training is used to help the client develop appropriate ways to communicate needs and wants. Appropriate communication skills are a gateway to improving the ability to engage within the environment functionally.

Socializing is difficult for many individuals but is especially difficult for individuals with autism. At Behaviorbee, we identify a client’s special interests and use those interests to facilitate social skills development. The interventions developed focus on increasing a client’s ability to socialize with family, friends, and peers appropriately. Social skills include but are not limited to greeting others, sharing a common focus on something with someone else, identifying emotions, appropriately engaging within the community, and understanding basic social rules. Appropriate socialization skills support the client’s ability to engage within the environment functionally.

Independence with daily living skills is vital for a successful transition into a functional life. At Behaviorbee, the client’s daily living skills are assessed. A comprehensive plan is developed to address areas of need and teach required skills. Additionally, Behaviorbee expands the teaching to include organizational skills, cleaning, meal preparation, transitioning between different locations, and other skills needed for independent living. Appropriate daily living skills support the client’s ability to engage with the environment with minimal support.

Parent/Caregiver involvement is vital to a client's success. At Behaviorbee, intensive training is offered throughout the ABA process. Training is focused on building the critical skills parents will need to ensure generalization of the client’s new skills, manage those skills in the home, improve the client's functioning in the natural environment, reduce the parent's stress level, and generally make life more enjoyable for everyone.

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Aba Treatment Can Help With

  • Learning deficits that affect academic achievement
  • Language disabilities
  • Behavior disorders
  • Compulsive behaviors
  • Attention deficits
  • Emotional impairments
  • Social impairments
  • Play skills
  • Executive functioning deficits
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Toileting impairments
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Timeline for Services

  1. Submit insurance documents to the authorization team
  2. Schedule an assessment appointment with BCBA
  3. Assessment Appointment
  4. Assessment Documentation is submitted within 7 days of the assessment appointment
  5. Assessment Documentation is submitted to the insurance company
  6. Insurance Companies take 10-15 days to approve services
  7. Once approved BCBA will coordinate team meetings with family
  8. The overall process is between 4-6 weeks