Behaviorbee Autism Toolbox: Communication Skills (Ages 2-5)




This educational Autism toolbox targets communication skills and can be used by registered behavioral technicians, teachers, or parents. It will focus on:

  • Behavior Reduction: Following directions and transitioning
  • Communication Skills: Manding, expressive, and receptive skills
  • Social Skills: Cooperative play and on-task behavior

Disclaimer: Directions from a BCBA will supersede this information.

Toolbox Includes:

    1. 26 Letter Tacting Cards
    2. 24 Number Tacting Cards
    3. 18 Color Tacting Cards
    4. 18 Shape Tacting Cards
    5. 36 Functional Word Tacting Cards
    6. Children’s Book
    7. Coloring Book
    8. Blue Tactile Fine Motor Activity Book